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Is your opener making strange sounds? Is your garage door off track? Scroll down to read all about how we solved these and many other problems in our most recent projects!

Garage Door Off Track Nearby Rock Hill, SC

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Mr. Hardy discovered his garage door got stuck when he tried opening it and noticed that something looked off.
Our Solution: An examination by our experts found that Mr. Hardy’s garage door had come off of the track in a certain spot, which had caused it to get stuck, and look oddly. We detached the opener, and clamped the door to avoid it moving, then pried the track open. Our team fed each roller back into the track and closed it to assure there were no more issues.

Virgil Hardy - Rock Hill
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Springstein | Rock Hill, SC

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: The customer’s automatic garage door started opening and closing on its own seemingly at random.
Our Solution: The opener itself showed no signs of corruption or jamming, and the customer had already tested the remote control. This left the wall console as the likely culprit; disconnecting it ended the problems, so our final task was to install a replacement Genie II series Intellicode console.

Steve Chen - Springstein
Opener Repair in Lesslie | Garage Door Repair Rock Hill, SC

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The opener wasn’t accepting commands from cell phone apps, but was responding to the remote control handset.
Our Solution: Our team inspected the unit's internal components, and found that the circuit board needed to be replaced. After that was done, the opener was reset to factory settings, so reprogrammed the old remote with the new logic board and made sure the opener was syncing up with the smartphones of the family members.

Jennifer Mcmarell - Lesslie
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Rock Hill, SC

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn out rollers.
Our Solution: The bad shape several of the door rollers were in was what caused the problem. We replaced them with new, more durable units and then lubricated them as well. The door was able to move smoothly once again, and with minimal noise.

Tom Oakley - Rock Hill
Sensor Alignment | Garage Door Repair Rock Hill, SC

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Garage door kept reversing.
Our Solution: We checked the opener safety sensors and noticed that they were misaligned. After carefully realigning them back to their correct position, we tested the door and made sure that it could close properly again with no further issues.

Lawrence Pryor - Rock Hill
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Rock Hill, SC

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken spring.
Our Solution: We arrived at the customer's home and immediately set to work. After carefully disconnecting the damaged spring and removing it, we installed a new one in its place and made sure its tension was adjusted correctly and that the door was able to open and close safely.

Marc Limarich - Red River

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